05 March 2010

Febvre in Avia Pervia

Franscesco Bevini and Jacopo Manelli
Spazio Avia Pervia, via Paolo Ferrari 51a, Modena, Italy

I enjoyed a short visit in my favourite gallery in Modena, the Avia Pervia. This is a small but inmportant gallery focusing on contemporary art, especially artists with a graffiti background. The exhibition consists of drawings and an installation by Franscesco Bevini and collages by Jacopo Manelli.

Bevini's impressive drawings first striked me as being creepy and witchlike. They were like twigs i a bewitched forest or legs of scary spiders. The installation adds to this mood with bloodred twigs and a witch ritual circle. But getting closer to the pictures i instead saw the fragility of elegant fingers caressing each other or roots of magical ginseng roots. The color of the figures are so fragile that the structure of the wood shines through. I was enchanted by these works.

Manelli's collages are divided into two series. The portraits consists of different face parts put together, creating funny or grotesque faces. This reminds me of the work of Judith Supine, who puts magazine clippings together and adds psychedelic colours. The portraits are well arranged, and there is a subtle use of emptyness in the pictures.

The other part of Manelli's work is collages that all consists skulls. The skull is present in all situations, like a modern "Memento Mori", whether in the industry, at the computer desk or in the laboratory.