19 October 2014

Public art at Jernbanetorget

Julia Vance:WE - ME
Eivind Blaker: Do You See What I See?
Oslo S - Oslo Central Station
October 2014

Julia Vance: We-Me
Julia Vance: WE - ME

The sculptures are maybe most famous for not getting there: They got stuck in customs, as the authorities did not believe this was art, and import tax should be charged.

Now the sculptures are stuck in their position at the entrance of Oslo Central Station. It was possible to turn the wheels to choose between ME and WE on the sculptures, but the wheels are now locked in position by padlocks. Two of three are thus locked in egosetric position, showing ME, and there is nothing WE can do about it.

Eivind Blaker: Do You See What I See?
Eivind Blaker: Do You See What I See?

In a wonderful installation consisting of just two layers, a painted magenta background and a foreground of stripes cut in black canvas. The result is a rastered portrait, slightly shivering in the wind. I believe many pass this visual miracle daily not realizing what it is all about. They do not see what I see.