17 October 2014

Frank Brunner: Catharsis

Frank Brunner
Kunstgalleriet, Stavanger
Paintings, etchings with reflections, fire and water  

Frank Brunner is one of few who really master the task of painting realistic fire, water and reflections. On a trip to the place En Gedi in Israel he was inspired to make the motive of his brother standing to his knees in water, with his reflections on the water surface. The model apparently had to suffer more, standing under a cascade of falling water. It is hard to avoid seeing parallels to the video "Tristan's Ascencion" by Bill Viola in this. While Viola creates the impossible effect of water falling upwards, Brunner makes the falling water freeze. The paintings of candlelights come sparkingly to life, like eternal candles in an orthodox church. At the second floor there are more prints by Brunner, some in the topic on travelling, and also some with the cascade theme.                

Frank Brunner: Lys

Frank Brunner: En Gedi
En Gedi

Frank Brunner: En Gedi
En Gedi

Frank Brunner: Blad-skygge

Frank Brunner: Trappen

Frank Brunner: En Gedi
En Gedi