07 October 2014

Foto fra Kina x2

Foto fra Kina x2
Brush and Shutter: Early Photography in China 1840-1911
Performance and Imagination, Chinese photography 1911-2014
Stavanger Kunstmuseum
Photos from China

In a massive twin exhibition filling the majority of Stavanger art museum, we are invited into the history of Chinese photography from the very beginning in 1840 to photography in contemporary art. This is a real treat for us who are fascinated by China: History and art put together in a great project. It might seem that this year it is Stavanger's time to catch up with the outstanding Chinese art series in Bergen last year. It would be impossibly to beat that in focusing on contemporary art, instead the museum chose another approach: photography.

China is immense beyond what is possible to fathom, there simply is no way to get an overview on the art scene yourself. Therefore it is great to have someone doing the curatory work for you, and a major art museum to present it professionally. The photos show both rural scenes, home scenes, working environment, political moments and protest. I am trying to grasp how big this is, but it is better just to enjoy. Cheers to Stavanger Kunstmuseum!

Lee Chia-yu
Lee Chia-yu

Historical photos + Rong Rong & inri

Lee Chia-yu


1950s, 60s
1950s, 60s
Qi Guanshan: Three female swimmers, Chen Fuli: Lijiang, Chen Ji: Kanding in Ganzhi, Xue Zijiang: Canned Food, Hua Bo: Mao Zedong and Soviet ballet dancers, Qi Han: Bulls to the slaughterhouse

Ai Weiwei: Portrait of Marcel Duchamp. Sunflower Seeds

Ma Quisha

Historical photos

Qu Yihua: Up Mount Everest from the North Side

You Li: Kashgar

Wang Tong: Inspects Tianjin Village

Cang Xin, Gao Yang, Zuoxiao Zuzhou, Ma Zongyin, Zhang Huan, Ma Liuming, Wang Shihua, Zhang Bibi, Zhu Ming: Add one meter to an unknown mountain

Rong Rong: East Village Beijing

Qiu Zhijie: Tattoo #2

Brush & Shutter
Brush & Shutter

Brush & Shutter
Brush & Shutter