27 October 2013

Little House in the Periphery

Little House in the Periphery
Kristiina Hansen & Johannes Säre, Johnson ja Johnson, Flo Kasearu, Kristina Norman
Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger
Part of the project Estonian Dream - A festival of Estonian art in Rogaland
Photos, video, installations

Estonia may seem insignificant and remote from most parts of the world. But in Estonia it is the most important part of the world, with its own history, conflicts and joys. Sometimes you need to step out of it to get an overview. Sometimes you need to travel away from your country to see it differently. Some have moved away from Estonia voluntarily, some were forced to leave, some are trying to get in, and some are comfortable remaining at distance.

Johannes SäreLittle House in the Periphery
Kristiina Hansen & Johannes Säre: Little House in the Periphery

A tiny, golden house appearing larger than it is due to mirror effects.

Kristina Norman: Common Ground
Kristina Norman: Common Ground

Interviews with Estonians who fled to Sweden escaping the Soviet army, and people applying for asylum in Estonia, situated in refugee camps. What do they have in common?

Flo Kasearu: Estonian Dream
Flo Kasearu: Estonian Dream

Edited videos from the videoblog by a girl of Estonian descent living in Texas. She is living the American dream, but still caring almost naively about Estonia, turning to tears in sympathy when a group of Estonians are kidnapped in Lebanon. And then the next clip is about her funny animals. The statistics at the end show what gets the most attention - the funny animals.

Flo Kasearu: Re-enacting 
Flo Kasearu: Re-enacting Revolution

Revolutions do not happen often, and few in our part of the world have experience one. Estonia had their Singing Revolution (google it or see a documentary about it), regaining their freedom through singing. The aim was to recreate this feeling twenty years later through a similar Night Song Festival. That must have been great fun and deeply touching, but without the fear of the Soviet Army.

Johnson&Johnson: Paldiski Project
Johnson ja Johnson: Paldiski Project

In a relational art project aiming to unite the Estonian and Russian halves of the population in Paldiski town, the artists started a movement aiming to place a sculpture by the famous Adamson, a native Paldiskian, in the center of town. This was fulfilled just few days ago, and the videos show the process of meetings, events, polls and concerts, all uniting the rather divided population into a common mission.