17 February 2013

Tove Sundt-Hansen: Forces - Human Power

Forces - Human Power
Tove Sundt-Hansen
Galleri Sult, Stavanger
Drawings, paintings, installations

Inspired by Cambodia and Iceland, Tove Sundt-Hansen presents a variety of works and techniques. Most exotic is her work on Icelandic fish-skin and Cambodian silk, but there are also very common motives like trees, cautiously drawed in ink on paper, and colorful abstracts.

Tove Sundt-Hansen: Chum Mey
Chum Mey

Tove Sundt-Hansen: Presence

Tove Sundt-Hansen: The Magic Tree + Gateway
The Magic Tree + Gateway

Tove Sundt-Hansen: Present

Tove Sundt-Hansen: Loved Ones
Loved Ones