05 February 2013

Mads Gamdrup: Just Noise

Just Noise
Mads Gamdrup (DK)
Stavanger kunstmuseum
abstract phototechnique with dots and lines, and a glamour model

Stavanger kunstmuseum presents works by Mads Gamdrup, large pictures of dots, lines, squares and fields of different bright colors. Each color unit has a range from white to full color, whether across the lines, to the center of the spot, or to the corner of the square. In between are also two photos of a glamour model, one in natural colors and one in black&white.

Mads Gamdrup: Just Noise

The technique is not easy to grasp. These are claimed to be photographs, but in which way? Are the dots and lines parts of photos pixelized by extreme zooming in, are they collages of colors picked from different photos, or are they dots and lines created in a digital drawing programme? The catalogue states that these are the results of a digitalization of analogue photos. Or rather the mistakes or noise from this process. Is this like a grappa of photography, something made from the leftovers from the photos?

Mads Gamdrup: Just Noise

I had to try looking at the wall with the glamour photos present, and with it hidden. When she is there she craves all attention, and the stripes and dots are unimportant. It is only when the woman is concealed the other pictures get any attention. This reminds me of a viral email from some years ago, called “spot the car”. Beforehand you are warned that the car is quite difficult to spot on a photo, and more difficult for men. When you scroll down to the photo it contains a fully visible car, but there is an undressed woman on it. The woman gets all the attention.

You can try for yourself, beneath are two photos of the exhibition from almost the same spot. What is getting your attention:

Mads Gamdrup: Just Noise

Mads Gamdrup: Just Noise

The definition of noise is unwanted sounds, but can also be used for other unwanted impressions. The abstracts are not really noise, noise must be something disturbing. In my opinion these pictures of dots and lines are neither unwanted or disturbing. What is disturbing is the rather tacky glamour photo seeming totally out of place.That is the noise.

Mads Gamdrup: Just noise