20 February 2013

Streetart in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 2012-January 2013
Paintings, stencils and pasteups in the public

Buenos Aires is a massive city. Each part of the city is different from the other. As I use the appearance of street art as a measure of the quality of urban life, some parts of BA are very liveable, while other are sterile and lifeless. Especially in the San Telmo and La Boca areas the urban art is everywhere. What is distincive in BA is that old political and radical murals are very visible. The artists may even sign the uncomissioned works by their real name and with contact info. This is possible both because this kind of art has a historical tradition, and opinions are considered to belong in the streets. There are several demonstrations every week in the streets of BA.

So just get this slideshow running, lean back, and enjoy this virtual tour: