22 November 2011

R-open in Sandnes

Sandnes, Norway
Open artist studios in Rogaland county

Saturday 19.11. was the day of R-open in all municipalities in the south part of Rogaland except Stavanger. I had a look in Sandnes. I visited Nils Rostad's studio with maybe the best sea view in Sandnes. And I spent a lot of time at Stasjon K, a labyrinth of the old fire station and town hall/cinema, in the same building as the Kinokino culture venue. There I had the pleasure of seeing and talking about the works by the many artists, hearing the brilliant sound sculpture by Nils-Thomas Økland, and watching Turi Gramstad Oliver doing magic in making paper. After this wonderful place my mind was full, and I did not make it any further.

Studio of Nils Rostad
Great view from the studio of Nils Rostad

Stasjon K artist studios
Stasjon K artist studios

Work of Inger A. Bruun
Colorful geometrical figures in the studio of Inger A. Bruun

Studio of Marianne Løvvik
Delicate drawings in the studio of Marianne Løvvik

Work of Nils-Thomas Økland
Wonderfully crazy installations by Nils-Thomas Økland

Studio of Nils-Thomas Økland
Amazed by hearing about the projects of Nils-Thomas Økland

Studio of Liv Eiene
Beautiful paintins in the studio of Liv Eiene

Turi Gramstad Oliver making paper
Turi Gramstad Oliver making delicate paper from a strange substance in the tray

Studio of Frank Åsnes
Fantastic forms in the studio of Frank Åsnes