16 February 2011

Atle Østrem

Nothing's changed, everything's the same, still painting them same old faces
Atle Østrem
Galleri Koll, Stavanger

Galleri Koll opens up in brand new facilities by arranging an exhibition by Atle Østrem. Some are already familiar with his unique "post-graffiti" style, either at the old Galleri Koll and at the Lowlife exhibition at Stavanger Kunstforening.

I recognized some paintings from the Lowlife exhibition, but quite a lot are also brand new. It is great to see how he combines text, painting and material. His motives just keep on evolving. Even if he in the exhibition claims to be "still painting them old faces" the faces attain an increasing depth of personality.

Atle Østrem exhibition

Aesop / Stuck in the mud

Home is where the heart is

Sometimes it hurts / No country for old men

Things fall apart