18 April 2015

Nuart history disappearing

disappearing murals
by April 2015

The duration of streetart depends on many factors: The weather, the owners, the building, the graffiti writers, the painters and the builders. Quite some of the earlier year's Nuart murals are now gone or are destroyed.

But this year's Nuart festival is already being planned, so there will be some brand new murals in town this autumn again.

Choe faded
The wonderful David Choe mural at Våland is quite faded now.

Herakut removed
The beautiful Herakut mural behind the Archeological Museum, one of the oldest murals in town, was painted over last week.

Vhils mural part 1
And suddenly a parking building appeared in front of the famous Vhils mural, dividing it in two

Vhils mural part 2

Intervention at Rogaland Art Center
An already faded mural by Tellas has been attacked with an intervention by Klas Eriksson