29 July 2014

Christian Frederik

Christian Frederik, Norges Konge 1814
by Kristian Blystad
Stortinget, Oslo
Public sculpture

All anniversaries need a sculpture. And all sculptures need to be men. Because the only ones able to change the world back in the days were men. Had women had the same chance, the world would probably look different now. One man that apparently needed a pedestal was Christian Frederik. He managed to be the king of Norway during only some few days. But he was of crucial importance for the gathering at Eidsvoll, where the Norwegian Constitution was created in 1814. Whether this was powered by an urge to see Norway as independent, or if he wanted a country to rule, is up to the historians to discuss. What we got is this statue.

The originally chosen artwork was a more abstract sculpture. But an anti-abstract junta was formed amongst the politicians, and this sculpture was considered enough naturalistic.

Christian Frederik, Norges Konge 1814