02 April 2014

Project M/3

Project M/3
Martha Cooper (US), Dotdotdot (NO), Ernest Zacharevic (LT), Various and Gould (DE), M-City (PL), Levalet (FR), Plotbot (DE), Martin Whatson (NO), Evol (DE), Buff Diss (AUS)
Organized by Urban Nation
Curated by Nuart
Bülowstrasse 99, Berlin
March 2014

In a project of transforming a building into a public gallery featuring a wide range of international important artists, Urban Nation has created a temporary new sight in the center of Berlin, inviting Nuart as curator. The building is visible both from the street and from the subway, and stirred surprise from quite some few of the passing people, others had already gotten used to it. 
Mural by Tankpetrol
Tankpetrol on Urban Nation office wall

M/3 Facade view
Bülowstrasse 99 facade 

Artwork by Rone

Artwork by Various and Gold
Various and Gold

Artwork by Levalet

Artwork by Evol

Artwork by M-City

Artwork by David Hochbaum
David Hochbaum

Artwork by Martha Cooper
Martha Cooper

Artwork by Dotdotdot + Buff Diss
Dotdotdot + Buff Diss

Artwork by Martin Whatson
Martin Whatson

Artwork by Plotbot

Artwork by Ernest Zacharevic
Ernest Zacharevic
(The piece also had toilet vacuum sticks attached to it at first)