15 January 2014

Best of 2013

Here are the highlights of contemporary art in Rogaland according to my subjective opinion:

Geir Egil Bergjord: Private utsikter - Stavanger Kunstmuseum
Mona Orstad Hansen & Egil Bergjord: Pasning - Galleri Gann
Not only performing a great idea of photographing famous landmarks from private homes, but also using these works in a great collaboration with Mona Orstad Hansen's abstract prints.

Juan Andres Milanes: Mind the Gap - Hå gamle prestegard
Fun surprises with objects that appear much heavier than they are.

Sophie Calle: Take Care of Yourself - Stavanger Kunstmuseum
A massive exhibition based on a break-up letter to the artist, with a horde of women engaged in interpreting the text. A well presented exhibition, with the bonus of also showing earlier interesting works by the artist.

Chosil Kil: Man of Tomorrow, Galleri Opdahl
A beautiful exhibition where magic was created as the sculpture floated softly in the air and created celestial music.

Nuart outside
Nuart inside
The streetart festival Nuart continues to amaze, this year with the climax of M-city painting the gigantic control tower at Stavanger airport Sola.

Elin Melberg: Tumour - Stavanger Museum
A one-night-only experience: Elin Melberg's beautiful, scary sculpture adorned a hidden stairway during the open night at the museum.

Bordos Artworks: Architectural mapping - ScreenCity festival / Stavanger Cathedral
During a rainy autumn evening the lightshow turned the facade of the Cathedral into a canvas or a piece of clay. The familiar facade was twisted and churned to wring out wonderful stories.


Lo&Behold - Kinokino

What brings this exhibition so high up on the list was the artist talk by artists E.B.Itso and Adams. Their rare public appearance and their incredible story about creating homes underneath the Copenhagen Central station made this an unforgettable evening.

Inngang 13: Åpen dør - Rogaland Kunstsenter
Selected highlights
A crazy idea with a serious impact: Anyone could submit a work of art to this exhibition, the only limits were in size and 1 item only. The result was a mad frenzy of all kinds of artwork, showing the massive width of the Rogaland art scene.

Estonian Dream:

I don't eat flowers! - Hå gamle prestegard
Milk Method Men - Galleri Sult
Jaan Toomik Solo - Skur 6 / Tou Scene
Little House in the Periphery - Rogaland Kunstsenter
Kristina Norman: artist talk - Rogaland Kunstsenter
Screening program: Little House in the Periphery - Kinokino
A fantastic dream come true: The largest exhibition of Estonian contemporary art in Norway ever, five art institutions in a unique collaboration, and a festival of art. Every exhibition, screening, artist talk and workshop were great, but the greatest of all was the overall celebration of contemporary art, Estonian art, important art.