09 June 2013

Streetart in Bodø

Stein and others
June 2013
Art in the streets of Bodø

There is really not much streetart to find in Bodø, but if you are lucky you might find a piece of the town's own stencil artist Stein. There are also some very interesting black marker drawings of animals. This is what I found in June 2013:

Work by Stein
A worn piece by Stein

Titten Tei & Bamsen Teodor - by Stein
A well preserved stencil of Titten Tei and Bamsen Teodor, familiar from childrens' television in the 70s. The sign says "Support the Veterans".



Color horse
Someone forgot where they parked their horse

And this gem by the harbour, a handicraft version of the ultimate kitch motie, the fisherman. Here very well placed on the back of a fastfood shack, facing the ocean.