07 March 2013

Asle Nyborg: Det Ewfige Forderwfet

Det Ewfige Forderwfet
Asle Nyborg
Galleri Gann, Sandnes
Photographs, phrases, print and prayers on canvas

At first glance Nyborg's works seems like Ikea decorations of happy people, nice patterns and positive quotes of Gandhi or Einstein. But not after a closer look. This is far more deep and dark.

Asle Nyborg: Not Enough
Not Enough 

With some kind of photographic process directly onto the canvas, the motives are vague, just hinting to what was the original photo. This is covering pages from an old prayer book of the 19th century, with an obsolete use of words in almost unreadable gothic types.

Asle Nyborg: Presis där!
Presis där!

Asle Nyborg: Tom + Safety Issues
Tom + Safety Issues 

Originally intended to illuminate the readers, these books were usually rather messengers of darkness. There were strict instructions of what to believe and which of the worldly joys to avoid (all things that might bring joy, more or less), and an insistence on how terrible and dark the world is. 

Asle Nyborg: Matt + Tanning + Hammersmith
Matt + Tanning + Hammersmith

The motives may relate to these themes, in what seems like a burial scene, a sexual scene, and in what seems to be everyday scenes, but may be filled with the temptations of this world. The vagueness, the underlying texts, the difficult old language and text, all create some kind of harmonic and beautiful dystopia.