30 January 2013

Oscar Muños: Protografías

Oscar Muños (CO)
MALBA - Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Different photographic techniques

This exhibition is showing a wide varieties of techniques for portraits made by Oscar Muños. Not only photographs, but sugar, water and cigarette burns are used for making portraits. I am thrilled by this creativity, but at the same time the portrait itself becomes less important than the technique.

Oscar Muños: Archivo por contacto
Old street photographs

Oscar Muños: Pixeles
Portraits made of sugar cubes with various coffee content

Oscar Muños: Re/trato
Drawings made with water

Oscar Muños: Biografias
Video projection of portraits being flushed away

Oscar Muños: Intervales (mientras respiro)
Portraits made by burning holes with a cigarette