10 July 2012

Anne Parmasto: Personal Time

Personal Time
Anne Parmasto
Draakoni Galerii, Tallinn
Abstract paintings

This exhibition shows both oil and acrylic abstract paintings with Parmasto's distinct controlled limited choice of color and form. There is a wholeness to the exhibition as such, but at the same time each painting is worth noticing. I tend to prefer the red tone paintings, somehow they seems to emit the most of love and enthusiasm. There is also one installation, which I suppose is a collage of the trays used for painting these and other paintings. The trays contains a beauty that is worth noticing, even if it usually is just thrown away. The coincidental mood that appears this way is almost perfect.  

Exhibition overview

Anne Parmasto: Valged punasel I & II

Anne Parmasto: Oma Aeg III

Anne Parmasto: Oma Aeg IV-IX

Anne Parmasto: Oma Aeg I & II