13 June 2012

Ian Dent: When is New?

When is New?
Ian Dent
Kinokino, Sandnes
Multimedia installation

The project room at Kinokino has an impressing installation by Ian Dent. With few and simple materials a whole world is created. A world where religion, mass media, advertisement and mass hysteria is overwhelming. Could this be our world?

Ian Dent: When is New?

Ian Dent: When is New?

The exhibition consists of wall drawings in black and yellow, projections, animations, and light bulbs filled with yellow pebbles. One of the walls show an almost biblical scene, with shepherds, madonna and masses. But this time the shepherds are not the first ones at the scene. They are the last ones arriving, and seems to be rather sceptical to the mass hysteria. Instead of the stable of nativity, the madonna is at the stage, performing with a yellow light bulb, similar to the heads of the masses. Or maybe they have all been converted to bulb heads.

This all seems quite anachronical, we are all too well informed and rationally thinking to be moved by mass hysteria, aren't we?

Ian Dent: When is New?

The object of desire are presented, light bulbs with yellow pebbles in them. Maybe not as impressive as it seemed on the stage, but still quite desireable, seeming quite tasty.
Ian Dent: When is New?

In the next scene the bulb heads appear again, now moving restlessly from building to building. On the buildings are projected large signs with easy messages like "Hurry!", "Quick!", "Now!", "Easy!". Just like our shop ads saying "Sale!", "2 for 3!", "Last minute!", "40%!". Head for Kvadrat or any other shopping mall on a regular Saturday. You will find us bulb heads rushing from shop to shop, all preoccupied with our shopping lists and desires to buy.

In the end it all ends up as trash, whether it is the products or the heads, only appreciated by the stray dogs.

"New is the new old" is the message. So through the centuries human beings are always easily led, easily affected by flashy messages. Anything may be a product of desire if it is well presented. Or is it really this way? Has there been or will there be some point in history where this changes? When was or is that? When is New?

More about the artist on http://www.whitehole.no/