24 October 2011

Tellas at Nuart

Nuart 2011
Streetart festival
Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway

Like a fresh breath of air, Tellas arrived in Stavanger to bring more nature into the eastern part of town. He usually paints nature elements, like he painted leaves and pebbles in the beer halls at Tou Scene. The green patch of grass at Nytorget is an art project from 2008. What would be better than to combine that nature-art with another art piece inspired by nature? Tellas painted what he figured was typical Stavanger: fish. Stavanger was filled with fish industries some generations ago. Now the oil industry has taken over. The same happens in Tellas' wall painting. Black oil drips from the fishes, and some fishes are totally black. Nature is fragile, almost as fragile as the paper boat he painted.

Tellas at Nuart 2011

Tellas at Nuart 2011 - detail

He also painted rock, floating ones, on a residential building in the western part of town.

Tellas at Nuart 

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