06 April 2011

Pøbel art disappeared

I was shocked to read the news that a wall painted by Norwegian stencil artist Pøbel had been stolen. The wall was part of the project "Ghetto spedalsk" of Pøbel and Dolk, where they painted abandoned buildings in rural, desolate areas in the north of Norway.

picture from nrk.no

In Lofoten the neighbour of a painted house notified the news that one painted wall of the house had been stolen. Some foreigners had been in the area, and it was suggested that they had stolen the artpiece to sell it. This has happened several times with Pøbel's colleague Banksys stencils, even concrete walls have disappeared only to appear on ebay. Anyway, this would be a great credit to Pøbel and his art. The local news went to the spot with the local head of culture, she was very sad that the art had been stolen.

picture from nrk.no

Four hours later the case was solved. A journalist went to the spot, and discovered that the wood planks of the house was scattered out in the landscape. The strong wind had blown the wall away. Case solved.

picture from nrk.no

Sometimes the reality is more incredible than you can imagine. This is still a great credit to Pøbel, judging from all the fuss about the case. His art is highly appreciated, and not only in Lofoten.

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