30 November 2010

Kaarel Kurismaa

During PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival - in Tallinn, the film venues are adorned with kinetic sculptures by Kaarel Kurismaa. The sculptures of drums, bells or radios randomly make some strange sounds. I enjoy how these sculptures come as a surprise, whether you discover them by their look or their sound. The Solaris shopping mall has plenty of them, which is great, as the mall was originally planned as a cultural center.


Alma Raudtee 1 / Saturn


Kaksteist kuud - twelve months
Kaksteist kuud (twelve months) - at Kosmos cinema

Öökull - Owl
Öökull (Owl) at Sõprus cinema

Figuurid ja kassid - Kaarel Kurismaa
Figuurid ja kassid (figures and cats) at CCPlaza

Trummid Sound and Light - Kaarel Kurismaa
Trummid Sound and Light at CCPlaza

Inglite Mäss - Kaarel Kurismaa
Inglite Mäss (Angels' Mass) in VonKrahl theatre

More about the project here (in Estonian)